January 2018
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KILZ, a High Solids Primer

KILZ_BrandLogoThere are two things that determine the quality of a paint job; the quality of the products and the quality of the preparation.  Yet, of all of the processes in model rocketry, sanding paint jobs is my least favorite task.  The down time in between coats seems like forever, and clean-ups are usually quite messy.  Now I’m no expert on the vast selection of paint materials used to create beautiful paint jobs, so I stick to what is available from the rattlecan; specifically Krylon and Rustoleum.  In recent years I have settled on Rustoleum as the brand of choice for most colors and some primers.  But for the topic I wanted to focus on a primer known as KILZ.  This primer is an interior oil-based primer that tackles tough stains including water, smoke, tannin, grease, pet stains.  The primer is a high solids primer, meaning it applies a solid coat to cover and kill the stains that can ruin interior paint jobs.

I discovered this product by accident; I was working on a rocket, got in a hurry and did not buy any primer, and was not close to a store to go get some.  I rummaged through my in-laws work shop and ran across a can of KILZ that my father-in-law used to spray water stains on his walls inside of his house, just before he repainted.  He had no further use, and I was in a crunch, I gave it a go.  To my surprise, the primer sprayed evenly and thick, and was not prone to run if you sprayed to heavy in one location.  As I sprayed the rocket, I began to see the tube spirals and wood grain disappear…  Something that would take several coats of the other primers from Krylon and Rustoleum to do.  I was impressed.  Within 20 to 30-minutes, the rocket was dry to the touch, and in 24-hours, the primer coat sanded like a dream.  My best description for KILZ would be “liquid chalk” in a can.  Continue reading KILZ, a High Solids Primer